a dream

that i was roaming in black and white with some kind of companion and breaking into a museum and knowing i was in birmingham then after learning things about people dying i woke up when i couldn't breath.

Nach Heart

The whole situation is weird in the general, but cleaning out my car has been the worst so far. My dad drove me and there's always something comforting when someone knows exactly where to go and what to do when they arrive. In identical fervor we spent too long collecting pens and jewelry and loose change in the crack between the dashboard and the windshield. But that's love I think anyway when you go at things blindly with knives and paperclips trying to get that $1.43 and an earring I had in my mind buried a month ago.

Digging in car seats and finding things I lost and thought were gone forever was something I had planned on doing eventually, I swear. It's mostly that I could have lived in my minivan for longer than I should ever consider again, but it was basically a smaller version of my apartment. My second home with wheels.

And also pretty much where all the best shit went down from the time I was 15 to a few days ago.

Irony or whatthefuckever that where they towed my car was where I once took pictures for my Advanced Darkroom class.

to call for hands up above to lean on

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 I left them with my spare set of keys on a glow-in-the-dark turtle keychain.

Personal Session Timer

For my photoshop class I'm required to take shots of things that I could use as backgrounds and texture. And I'm only so excited to get out my 35mm and macro lens again. It's so great because whenever I go places people think I'm a tourist and then they pretty much leave me alone because of the obvious language barrier. I get away with things that most people might not and then get complimented on how great my english is. Hola. I can't wait to get my film processed.

I hate public computers. I hate people who type so loud and so fast. I'm pretty sure that I'm having a typing war with my neighbor to the right of me. And his cell phone keeps going off. So I guess that means that he'll forfeit when the librarians kick him out.

Raymond's here, Raymond's here

oh gosh. little car and wheel.

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But they are also so expensive. A new 20 sheet box of 4x5 Type 79 polaroids was about $75 at the local photo supply stores. I want to make cards and such things with them so I'm looking out for expired boxes now, but they never have the color kind.

I used a little magic-black-plastic-machine to transfer 35mm transparency to the 'roids. The best thing ever is the color controls that I was too afraid to mess with because I didn't want to waste any. But lately I've been dreaming of the possiblites.
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